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Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturers and Suppliers in India – At Servocare Lifesciences, you will find tablet medicine formulations of excellent quality and efficacy. The company is well-known in the industry and offers a large selection of tablets including pills, caplets, orally disintegrating tablets (ODT), etc. The organization is regarded as Top Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The tablets manufactured and supplied by the company are divided into many categories, such as analgesics, antibiotics, antiemetics, anti-infectives, anti-allergic, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, etc. Our associates and customers receive the absolute best products available thanks to the multi-stage, sophisticated procedure that operates under professional supervision.

In India, there is a healthy market for pharma tablets. An excellent method to save money, time, and effort is to invest in the extension of the product line by introducing high-quality tablet medicine formulations. The Best Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Servocare Lifesciences, offers you premium medication options. The company facilities have GMP and WHO certifications. We have subtly accepted global quality norms and fully rely on services that are outsourced. As a result, you can receive real tablet drug formulations for markets like orthopedics, nutraceuticals, dermatology, gynecology, and medications for diabetes and heart disease, among others. The company also provides full expert assistance and they are DCGI-approved.

To learn more about the company’s top-notch manufacturing and supplying facilities, contact us now. Give us a call at +(91) 9872219011, +(91) 9872219010, +(91) 172–5088561 or you can simply drop us a mail at and our team will be in touch with you in no time.

Top Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturers and Suppliers in India | Servocare Lifesciences

Servocare Lifesciences provides a sizable and alluring choice of medications for production. To meet your diverse needs, we’ve devoted ourselves to giving you high-quality, long-lasting pharmaceutical doses. Our formulation scientists aid in the effective development of medicines that benefit our clients. Pre-treatment is carried out under tight supervision using a single expedient medicine or a combination of medications. Manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical tablet formulations that satisfy your regular needs, the organization has done so with great professionalism. The following are some of the highlights of the Best Pharma Tablets Manufacturing Company:

  1. All of the company’s unit procedures, whether they include wet granules, dry granules, or direct compression, involve various operations like weighing, milling, mixing, etc.
  2. The organization has produced pharmaceutical tablet formulations that satisfy your regular needs in a highly professional manner.
  3. Our goal is to make pharmaceutical tablets that are effective, durable, and powerful enough to withstand diverse tendencies without breaking yet still quickly resolve in extinction.
  4. The tablets are manufactured to be homogeneous in weight and drug content, chemically and physically stable, and crack-free.

Quality Standards Embraced for Manufacturing Fine Tablet Drugs

Servocare Lifesciences is aware of your requirement for both high quality and reasonable prices. Professionals aid us in achieving optimal stability by being knowledgeable about the compression properties of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or medicine components (physically and chemically). Due to the required particle size, composition, dissolution, etc., the company always ensures that it passes each process. Our committed staff members are knowledgeable about the proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) The following are some positive traits of the Best Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturers and Suppliers in India’s reliable sources:

  1. Dedicated Team Service of Machine Operators and Mechanics, Quality Assurance Manager, Manufacturing Chemist, and Analytical Chemist.
  2. The production pharmacists/supervisors, manufacturing chemists, analytical chemists, and the high-tech team have all monitored the entire tablet manufacturing process.
  3. GMP and WHO accredited facilities.
  4. Locations that are excise-free aid in providing affordable options.
  5. Modern and hygienic packing methods
  6. Flexible acceptance of cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Customized Selection of Pharmaceutical Tablets for Manufacturing and Supplying 

The company offers you a variety of tablet formulations that you might need for your business. You can take advantage of Servocare Lifescience’s extremely remarkable manufacturing capabilities here. We aim to offer you the greatest products on the market at the most competitive prices. Our company manufactures and supplies tablets for a variety of markets that are exposed to various medications, including the following:

  1. Diabetic/ Cardiology Medicines
  2. Nutraceuticals Tablet Range
  3. Dermatology Tablet Medicines
  4. Anti-Infective Tablet Range and many more

Benefits of Joining Servocare for Third-Party Tablet Manufacturing 

Being the top Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer and Supplier in India pharmaceutical manufacturer of tablets in India, Servocare Lifesciences is a popular choice among wholesalers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies for tablet manufacturing. The company’s end-to-end manufacturing skills and brand value have elevated it to the status of one of the best pharmaceutical companies with a strong nationwide distribution network. The following are some of the advantages of choosing Servocare as your Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer and Supplier:

  1. The guiding principles for all of our actions are uniform quality, client happiness, and business ethics.
  2. At Servocare Lifesciences, all product lines come in a variety of solid dose forms.
  3. Technology and machines are always developing.
  4. To create the greatest formulas, the company associates with the top R&D team. The company’s professional medical team is always attentive to help it always come up with fresh formulations.
  5. There is dependable customer service available for products that are available around the clock.
  6. The company manufactures its products with the highest levels of quality control.

Therefore, if you want to deal with high-quality Pharmaceutical Tablets and wish to get your hands on fantastic business deals and agreements, collaborate with Servocare Lifesciences, the Best Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer and Supplier in India now.

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