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BRAND NAME: Forjoint Plus

COMPOSITION: Diacerin 50mg, Glucosamine 750mg and Mecobalamin 500mcg

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Diacerein, Glucosamine, & Mecobalamin Tablets – The tablets belong to a group of medications called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) and is primarily used for the treatment of arthralgia. The medication also helps reduce osteoarthritis pain in some small and large joints. A reduction in the chemical glucosamine sulfate, which is present in the human body, particularly in joints, causes osteoarthritis. When these chemical levels drop, the cartilage deteriorates and thins down, causing friction between the bones and wear and tear (damage) to the joint tissues that result in discomfort, stiffness, inflammation, and decreased mobility. The best quality Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets comes with the brand name Forjoint Plus by Servocare Lifesciences.

Working Mechanism of Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets

The medication is a unique amalgamation of three medicines known as Diacerein, Glucosamine, and Mecobalamin which help provide relief from the chronic pain of osteoarthritis. Diacerein and Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride are stimulators of proteoglycan production. Together, they aid in the development of cartilage, the supple tissue that cushions joints and facilitates joint repair. They also lessen joint swelling and inflammation. Methylcobalamin, a kind of vitamin B, has analgesic properties. Together, they aid in the development of cartilage and lubricate the joints for improved mobility and flexibility. By enhancing joint functionality, an individual’s quality of life is restored. Additionally, they improve the lubrication and cushioning of joints, allowing for easier physical activity and pain reduction.

Children under the age of 18 are not authorized the intake the medication. Consult your doctor if you have ever experienced blood clots or leg circulation issues, or if you plan to become pregnant as these conditions could be harmful to the unborn child. If you are nursing a newborn, let your doctor know since it may not be safe to do so while taking this medicine.

Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets Uses

  • The medication is primarily used for the treatment of arthralgia.
  • The medication also helps reduce osteoarthritis pain in some small and large joints.

Side Effects of Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Medicine

The usage of this medication is considered highly effective and safe for treatment. However, in some highly unlikely cases, the consumption of these tablets may lead to some unusual unpleasant reactions. The side effects of this medicine are highly unusual and don’t require any significant medical attention as they tend to resolve on their own after your body gets adjusted to the given treatment. As stated before, the side effects of these tablets are very less likely to appear, anyhow, consult your healthcare provider asap if you feel that the effects are growing persistent and you are worried about them.

Some of the common side effects of Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets may include are:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Urine discoloration
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Indigestion
  5. Constipation
  6. Nausea

General Instructions for the Medicine

Some of the important precautions and warnings to keep in mind about Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets are:

  • Before taking the medicine, individuals with joint infections or skin conditions in the afflicted area should speak with a physician.
  • Take the prescribed medicine with caution if you have asthma, poor glucose tolerance, kidney or liver failure, or any other risk factors for heart (cardiovascular) disease.
  • Alcohol should not be used while receiving treatment since it increases the risk of liver damage.
  • Theis medications should not be taken by anyone who has blood clots or circulation issues in their legs.
  • Although the consumption of this medicine may lessen the inflammation brought on by conditions like arthritis and provide symptomatic relief, it is strongly advised to continue engaging in physical activity as much as your condition permits in order to get the greatest results.
  • The cornerstone of controlling arthritic problems is adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating a nutritious diet rich in proteins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is not allowed to consume Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets?

In patients with liver issues, this medicine is not advised. Patients who have a known allergy to this medicine or any of its inactive components are also not given this medication.

Q. Can Diacerein, Glucosamine & Mecobalamin Tablets be used in joints other than the knee?

It is unknown whether the use of these tablets is safe and effective in joints other than the knee. Therefore, it should not be used in areas other than the knee joint.

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