Third Party Manufacturing Pharma in India

Servocare Lifesciences is one of the highly regarded healthcare brands in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that provides the highest-quality medicine formulations manufactured using cutting-edge technologies and vital resources by highly qualified people in accordance with the standards of health organizations. With its own WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility in India, Servocare is a well-known ISO-certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company. The organization offers a variety of pharmaceutical finished formulations and serves a broad range of healthcare demands. As one of the top third-party pharmaceutical manufacturers, we deploy the highest quality raw materials and carry the ability to deliver all types of medicine ranges, including pellets, tablets, capsules, herbal nutraceuticals, protein powder, gym supplements, capsules, tablets, and pharma sachets.

Listed below are some of the pharmaceutical manufacturing services offered by Servocare:

  • Capsule Manufacturing
  • Tablet Manufacturing
  • Injection Manufacturing
  • Syrup Manufacturing
  • Softgels Manufacturing
  • Lotion Manufacturing

We are connected to India's top distribution networks, which enable us to deliver all manufactured products on schedule. Our WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Plant in India is enormous and conducts rigorous processes every day with the assistance of professionals in each area. As a reputable third-party pharma manufacturer in India, we continuously develop new molecules, products, and services for our business and partners by utilizing our reasonably priced third-party manufacturing services. In addition to having high-quality medicines, we ensure that every product we manufacture has high-quality packaging. We serve more than 500 pharmaceutical firms from throughout the country as the leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in India at the moment.

About-Third-Party Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing Services

Servocare has manufacturing approvals for both non-beta lactam and beta-lactam (the whole range of antibiotics). We offer all manufacturing-related services, including private label manufacturing, manufacturing of custom formulations, and ODM manufacturer. Our top-notch manufacturing facilities enable us to reach a broad customer base with high-quality pharmaceutical products. We have discussed a number of pharmaceutical subsectors, including those related to dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, anti-diabetics, anti-fever, antibacterial, and anti-cold medications, as well as neuroprotective drugs.

Product Sections Available In Manufacturing Units with Production Capacity:

Liquid / Syrup
Soft Gel
Nasal Spray
Dry Syrup
Hand Sanitizer

Product Sections Available In Manufacturing Plants/Units:

General Medicine Products Range
Oncology Medicine /Products Range
Gynae, Medicine Products Range
Critical Care Medicine Products Range
Ophthalmic Medicine /Products Range
Derma & Cosmetic Range
Ortho Medicine Products Range
Cardiac Medicine Products Range
Dental Medicine Products /Range
Diabetic Medicine Products Range
Nephrology Medicine Products Range
ENT Medicine Products Range
Urology Medicine Products Range
Pediatric Medicine Products Range
OTC Products Range
Food Supplements & Nutraceutical Medicine Products /Range


Our Certification

Our Product Manufactured At International Standard, Plant Have All Certification Required To Match International Standard

Required Documents for Third-Party Manufacturing


Brief Profile along with a copy of the firm's PAN card and, in the case of a Pvt. Ltd. or limited company, a copy of the articles of incorporation. In the event of a partnership firm or a proprietorship firm, the partnership deed or the proprietary affidavit.)

All directors, partners, or proprietors must provide their full legal and residential names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as a copy of their Aadhar and Pan cards.
Copy Of Resolution

Copies of Resolutions for Limited, Private Limited, and Partnership Companies Authorized to Sign Deals
Drug Licenses

You must submit an attested copy of your drug license.

Sales tax registration certificates must be given with an attested copy for GST registration certificates.

Agreement for Manufacturing: Will Provide Specimen Copy

Certificate of Non-Resemblance: Specimen attached below


Process Of Third-Party Contract Manufacturing At Servocare

Third-party production is a popular concept today across a number of industries, but it is particularly well-liked in the pharmaceutical sector, where it is flourishing among pharma specialists. Since it is hassle-free, many people in the industry prefer employing a third-party manufacturing company to manufacture their products.

It allows businesses and pharma professionals to produce products more quickly and cheaply, freeing up clients to concentrate their marketing efforts on the brand and business. The third-party manufacturing process entails a number of processes, and each step has its own set of process and control parameters. The steps listed below should be followed if you want to start a transaction with a third-party manufacturer in India.

  • Determining the order's composition and amount
  • Increased quotation
  • Required paperwork
  • Packaging components
  • Product creation and delivery


Expected Investment Required for Third-Party Products Manufacturing Process

What Inventory Is Required to Purchase Manufactured Pharmaceutical Products on a Third-Party Basis?

Inventories may change depending on the products you choose, the dose form, the required packing materials, etc. Your inventory may change in accordance with the quantity of the product batch. The investment required for a less expensive product will be lower, but the batch size may be larger. Similar to expensive products, small batches of expensive products may also require greater inventory. There is a lower investment required because some manufacturers produce all products in small batches. The cost of having your product manufactured by a third party is not predetermined. You may roughly calculate your investment using the details below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is third-party pharma manufacturing?
Broadly speaking, third-party manufacturing refers to the process of manufacturing products and medications from other parties. In this procedure, a contract is signed between the business and the manufacturer, and the manufacturer produces the goods in accordance with the contract.
What is a Pharma contract manufacturing organization?
A contract manufacturing organization (CMO) is an organization that caters to the pharmaceutical sector and offers clients entire services from manufacturing to drug research. Pharmaceutical clients might boost their technical resources by outsourcing to a CMO without incurring higher overhead costs.
What is the main difference between third-party manufacturing and contract manufacturing?
Contrary to contract manufacturing, when the delivery of the items is required on time, third-party manufacturing does not. Most small businesses operate on the basis of third-party manufacturing, whereas medium-sized and large businesses operate on the basis of contract manufacturing.
What is the third-party manufacturing Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
It varies from company to company and depends on both the company and the product section. A party may negotiate with the manufacturing company.
What steps are involved in the procurement of packaging materials and inventory for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company?
The outer covering used to pack a dosage form is called the packing material. It could take the shape of paper, plastic, rubber, tin, or another material. The packing materials comprise foil, labels, lami tubes, outside cartoons, mono cartoons (if applicable), and so forth. Vials, ampoules, protein powder tins, and pet bottles aren't typically thought of as packing materials, but they are nonetheless included. It is regarded as a component of the product. Even if you ask for prices without packing materials, the manufacturer will still quote you a rate that includes the bottle, vial, etc. There is a need in the pharmaceutical sector that printing appears on the packaging.

Third Party manufacturing Services at Servocare Lifesciences

We are pharma company catering to a wide spectrum of healthcare needs and offer Pharmaceutical Finished Formulations. Many pharmaceutical companies do not have own production facilities we work for them & provide them Third-Party Services.

Servocare Lifesciences is providing manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in India. We are a pharmaceutical company,catering to wide spectrum of health care needs. We look after the requirements & work as a Third Party Manufacturing Services for a large number of pharmaceutical companies, who do not have their own production facilities. Servocare Lifesciences also manufactures various formulations for leading domestic & international companies viz.

We entertain Third Party manufacturing Service enquiries also from all over India and produce only “Quality” Products for producing best possible results.

Our range of pharmaceutical formulations comprises of:

  • Pharmaceutical Tablets
  • Pharmaceutical Capsules
  • Pharmaceutical Injectables
  • Pharmaceutical Liquids
  • Dry Syrups
  • Pediatric Drops
  • Topical Preparations
  • Medicinal Shampoo
  • Protein Powder
  • Eye Drops
  • Ear Drops
  • Ferrous Sulphate Tablets
  • Folic Acid Tablets
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