Cefixime 200mg and LB Tablets

BRAND NAME: Fixital 200 LB

COMPOSITION: Cefixime 200mg + LB

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Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets– are very useful in treating bacterial infections in different parts of the body. Note* This tablet should not used for common cold, flu, and viral infections because this tablet will not show any therapeutic effects against viral infection moreover unnecessary uses of this tablet make your body prone to bactrial infections. This Tablet provides relief from bacterial infections by killing those that are causing these bacterial infections in the body.

This Cefixime 200mg antibiotic comes with LB (Lactobacillus). This LB is also known as gut bacteria. LB helps in carrying out the metabolism process in the body also by combining with the antibiotic it helps in maintaining the sufficient amount of bacteria that are required in our gut for performing some functions in the body. This medication is in the form of a tablet which is why the right way to administrate this drug in the body is through mouth. This is an antibiotic which is why this medication must only be started when you get proper prescriptions from your doctor.

Mechanisms of Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets

Cefixine comes under a class drug cephalosporin antibiotics. This antibiotic provides relief from the bacterial infection by stopping the bacterial growth. Generally, bacteria are single-cellular organisms and such organisms have one cell in their body. To protect this cell from environmental stress, the bacteria cover this cell with a cell wall.

This Cefixime inhibits this cell wall synthesis for doing that, it inhibits the last stage of bacterial cell wall formation. This chemical composition binds with the specific site on penicillin-binding proteins by doing that it blocks that site and bacterial enzymes are unable to perform their actions. Due to that bacteria are unable to form their cell wall and in the end, they can not handle environmental stress.

This medication comes with a combination of LB, generally, antibiotics can kill these kinds of gut bacteria too where LB plays its role it helps in maintaining the right amount of gut bacteria in the body. This LB helps in carrying out different types of body functions related to the metabolism process.

Benefits of Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets

If you are suffering from a bacterial infection in any part of your body the Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablet can become your best partner. These are the uses of this Tablet which are mentioned below.

These are the bacterial infections that this medication can treat

  • Otitis media
  • Strep throat
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Gonorrhea and Lyme disease

Side Effects of Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets

Generally, the chemical composition of a drug can cause side effects because of these two reasons.

1. This chemical may react with other chemicals in the body which can cause some adverse effects in the body.

2. Every medicine has a certain drug concentration under which it can show its therapeutic effects and when it crosses that concentration you may suffer from some side of this medication. These are some of the side effects of Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets.

  • Abdominal or stomach cramps
  • Tenderness back
  • Leg and stomach pains
  • Cough and hoarseness

Direction for using Cefixime 200mg With LB Tablets

Every medication must be started after a prescription from a doctor especially when you are going to administrate an antibiotic. These are some key points that you should keep in mind when taking antibiotics.

  1. Generally, antibiotic medicine is bitter in taste so do not chew or crush antibiotic tablet. Take the whole tablet in one row.
  2. Antibiotic drugs can interact with other chemical-drug so if you are taking any other medication, inform your doctor first before starting this medication.
  3. Keep this tablet in a cool, dry, and dark place.
  4. Do not take any antibiotics unnecessarily.
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