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Betahistine 8mg tablets manufactured by Servocare Lifesciences are available in the market by the name of Carelet-8. The pharmaceutical drug used for the intensive treatment of the disease is called Meniere. This is a condition in which a person feels the symptoms of vertigo or more commonly known as dizziness. This condition causes the most effects in the inner ear due to the formation of extra fluid formation in it. The early symptoms of Meniere disease are tinnitus, which is a sensation of constant sound in the ear, and feeling nauseous all the time because it mostly affects the v ear, hence the person will definitely face issues in hearing sounds.  The salt used is Betahistine which is a very strong salt therefore it is mandatory to use it with causation. 

The disease affects the whole routine of the person but with the correct use of the tablets Betahistine, a person can get rid of this unwanted disease. The medicine works by increasing the blood flow in the ear which helps the ear to function properly thereby promoting good ear health and helping a person to get rid of the symptoms of tinnitus in which a person seeks trouble hearing and dizziness which makes the person believes that he is constantly moving which in reality he is not. It is just the chemical reaction in the ear due to excessive fluid that makes the person sick. 

The usage of the tablet has to be precautional and as suggested by the doctor only. It is so because salt is a heavy-dose drug and if the instructions are not being followed, it might give unwanted results that will definitely worsen the condition. the quantity of the dose has to be suggested by b the doctor only as it may vary on the condition of the patient. The tablets must not be used for children below 18 years of age as it is made for adult use.

Medicinal Benefits of BetahistineTablets

The medicine provides benefits against many health issues but it has to be taken in a limited quantity only.

  • Provides benefits against Meniere disease.
  • Cures the symptoms of vertigo, commonly called dizziness.
  • It also helps people hear properly.
  • Increases the blood flow in the ear.
  • Decreases the excessive production of fluid in the inner ear.
  • It also helps in the increase of blood flow toward the brain which promotes body stability.
  • Maintains balance in the body.
  • Reduces the ringing sensations in the ear.
  • Helps the person to hear the sounds more clearly.

Dose Requirement for Betahistine Tablets

The dose required for the tablets has to be managed by the doctor only. The quantity of the dose will be decided on the basis of the condition of the health of the patient. One has to take the suggested dose only as not doing so will result in adverse effects that will not be feasible for the patient.

Precaution with Betahistine Tablets

One is suggested to follow some precautions with the usage of the dowse.

  • Take the dose at a fixed time,
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Maintain distance from loud music at least during the course.
  • Try to avoid the use of earbuds as it also promotes infection.
  • Do not put the finger in the ear.
  • If the patient feels extreme dizziness, take the appropriate rest.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Try to consume a healthy diet.
  • If any serious allergies occur, contact the clinician immediately.
  • If you are pregnant, do not take the medicine until it is suggested.
  • The medication is not for pediatric use.
  • Inform the doctor about the medical history.

Side Effects of Betahistine Tablets

There are some negative outcomes of the tablet too.

  • A person may feel extremely dizzy.
  • One might feel muscle pain.
  • Nausea can be caused.
  • Headaches can occur too.
  • Digestive issues may develop.
  • Stomach discomfort can be noticed.
  • Diarrhea can affect the routine.
  • Bloating can be more common.
  • Constipation can occur too.


Keep the Betahistine Tablets stored in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note – the Betahistine Tablets are for external use only.

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