Magaldrate IP 540 mg, Simethicone (30%) IP 50 mg and Oxetacaine BP 10 mg Syrup

Brand Name: Oxipep Plus

Composition: Magaldrate IP 540 mg, Simethicone (30%) IP 50 mg and Oxetacaine BP 10 mg

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Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup is used in the treatment of gastric issues they belong to the group of antacids that removes the toxins from the stomach leading towards the less occurrence of flatulence. The syrup is known to protect the person from the occurrence of stomach ulcers, and heartburn, and treat acidity, and gas. The layer of mucous sometimes acts with the release of the excessive act in the stomach that leads towards the outcome of inflammation and is a cause of bloating. This pharmaceutical drug provides the association of neutralizing the stomach acids and thereby provides the release of healthy stools.

Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup is a combination of three different drugs namely Magaldrate with the compositional content used IP 540 mg that helps in marinating the acidic contents. Simethicone with the contents of 30% that is IP 50 mg helps in the creation of bubbles on the surfaces and leads towards passing the gas and burping. The pain-killing component used is Oxetacaine which reduces the pain and calms the formation of ulcers. The overall use of the syrup states not just the release of stomach infection but also offers the relief from the inflammation and the burning sensations too.

There is some precaution that must and has to be followed by the person with the regular use of Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup. Note that while taking the syrup you are required to have a healthy food that provides a plentiful source of nutrition to the body and is lighter to digest also. Taking the syrup on time and consumption in the suggested amount of dose is important because this is only for external use. The pregnant woman must not consume it6 and the children too. Some side effects may also occur with the frequent use such as nausea, headache, vomiting, etc.

Use of Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup

The benefits of the syrup are very helpful and this offers the person the release of the gas symptoms but for the proper results, one is required to follow precautions.

  • It protects the stomach from the excessive release of the acid.
  • It benefits as this provides the release of gas.
  • It increases the efficiency of the bubble production that further leads to the gas release.
  • It promotes the decreased amount of ulcers.
  • The activating component provides a prmotection to the stomach’s layer and initiates the less production of mucous.

Precautions with Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup

The important precaution with the use of syrup is mentioned below, Kindly follow each one of them for the better results.

  • If any allergies are faced by the person, kindly report them to the doctor.
  • Take the syrup only as per the suggestion.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to intake the syrup.
  • The syrup is not for use by children.
  • Do not consume alcohol with the syrup.
  • Do not use any other syrup in the combination.

Side Effects of Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup 

There are some side effects that are very much common with the regular intake of the syrup.

  • Excessive release of gas.
  • Increased amounts of burps.
  • Vomiting may occur.
  • One can face the issue of loose stools.

Note- Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup are only for external use.

Storage- Keep the Magaldrate, Simethicone, and Oxetacaine Syrup stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

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