Diastase 50mg and Pepsin10mg/10ml Syrup

BRAND NAME: Gastrofit Syrup

COMPOSITION: Diastase 50mg and Pepsin10mg/10ml

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Diastase 50mg +Pepsin10mg/10ml is a perfect amalgamation of two drugs: Pepsin and Diastase, which are enzymes. The medication is used to treat Digestive disorders, Reduced appetite, Acid indigestion, Dyspepsia Flatulence, Abdominal discomfort, etc. The entire Syrup works by stimulating carbohydrate and protein digestion, further aids the absorption of some essential nutrients in the intestine. Apart from this, diastase, a start-hydrolyzing enzyme breaks down complex starch molecules to maltose, one the same vein pepsin is a protein-digesting enzyme that breaks down larger protecting molecules into smaller peptides.

Together, the combination improves the immune system along with work as an energy booster. So being an effective syrup the medication offers some side-effects too that include Nausea, Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, Skin rash, etc., that are mild to temporary and go away whenever the treatment is over and don’t require any special medical attention. Furthermore, you can avoid some side-effects by drinking plenty of water, and giving your body adequate rest or you can practice breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and worries. Moreover, stopping the medication in the middle of the treatment is not recommended. And in case you are allergic to pepsin, or Diastase then must inform your doctor or pharmacist about your allergic history.

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