Lycopene, Black Grape Seed Extract, Antioxidants, Multivitamins and Minerals Capsules

BRAND NAME: Lycospel Plus

COMPOSITION: Lycopene (10%) 5000mcg, Black Grape Seed Extract 10mg, Antioxidants, Multivitamins and Minerals.

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Pack size:10×10 Alu-Alu

Lycopene (10%) 5000mcg + Black Grape Seed Extract 10mg + Antioxidants + Multivitamins & Minerals Capsule – The Capsule with the superiority of Lycopene, Black Grape Seed Extract, Antioxidants, Multivitamins, and Minerals treats various types of severe diseases and protects cells from damage.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from various damages and prevents several diseases including cardiovascular diseases, HPV infections, asthma, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

Black Grape Seed Extract contains high anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing high cholesterol, poor night vision, collagen breakdown, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins, and other medical conditions. Black Grape Seed Extract also reduces the swelling that may cause by certain types of injuries.

Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals and provide their own electrons which helps in eradicating the risk of several diseases including heart diseases, cancer, and other severe diseases.

Multivitamins and Minerals are used to treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may happen due to poor diet, ailments, digestive disorders, and many other conditions.

Major Points to Note Before Consuming the Capsule

  1. Take this medication only if it is directed by the doctor or health professional.
  2. Consume once or twice a day or as endorsed by the doctor.
  3. Do not suggest the capsule to any other person even if the symptoms match as it can worsen their situation.
  4. Avoid taking the capsule if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  5. Talk to the doctor right away if anything inconvenient happens to the body.
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