Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Servocare Lifesciences, a Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company launched and initiated together a modern lyophilizer for injection and bulk. GMP quality assurance procedures guarantee a peak performance of all products. With the assistance of latest equipments, the automated and modern production process has been prepared. We offer a complete range of services with prompt and reliable assistance for all our customers.We manufacture an extensive spectrum of brand pharmaceutical formulation products in almost any form. Importers, distributors, and agents are always welcome to help us to introduce our products on their national markets.

Servocare Lifesciences also provides attractive dossier licensing opportunities. Amongst the main activities, contract manufacturers of capsules and tablets are involved along with the production of Servocare Lifesciences own commercial range. Being private-owned and fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, Servocare Lifesciences offers flexible terms of trade and gives each customer a personal attention. Thanks to modern production line and GMP standards, our products are of highest quality and yet reasonably priced.

Your entire product definition information is being captured and organized by Servocare Lifesciences in a secure online environment, so everyone works together on the same set of product data. Your organization will able to share information internally easily and securely, in addition, outsourced partners and suppliers can also be invited to view and work with information as much or as little as you choose. Servocare Lifesciences solves the challenges of working with an extended design chain so your outsourcing partnerships work better for you.

Consequently, our large-scale production capacities, highly qualified production, and quality control staff, state of art WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility combines to give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Kindly contact us for your requirements to enable us to give you our best rates. We offer our products on third party basis and under neutral label for export.

We welcome you to visit our Plant for your satisfaction.

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