Amoxycillin 500mg and Clavulanic Acid 125mg Tablet

BRAND NAME: Clavitrax 625

COMPOSITION: Amoxycillin 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg Tablet

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Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt help in the treatment of killing the spread of unwanted bacteria which affects the cells and thereby causes infection. The salt is known to benefit the person with the treatment by killing bacteria in the eye, nose, ears, mouth, skin urinary tract, bones, and respiratory tract infections too. The bacterial attacks are severe as it destroys the immunity cells and responds by reducing the strength of the body by destroying the cells. The count of bacteria multiplies in number very quickly which makes the person sick and initiates negative outcomes in the body.

There are two different types of salt that are used in the formation of these antibiotic tablets. Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid both have their own results and benefits for bacteria. Amoxycillin works by offering a layer of protection to the skin cells and along with this it initiates the leakage of the cells too. The protection done is against the destruction of the bacteria. The salt Clavulanic Acid promotes the better working of the Amoxycillin and reduces the number of bacterial counts. The combination is best suited for working against the bacteria-killing and destroying.

There are some important precautions that are advised and must be followed by the person with the use of Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid in order to support their health against the presence of bacteria. Take the dose as per the suggestion of a respited clinician, and try to avoid using alcohol with the use of this tablet. It is necessary that the tablets are needed to be used in an appropriate quantity and the course of it has to be completed. The salt can be reactive hence the use is not suitable within the combination of other tablets. There are some side effects too that may cause interaction in results such nausea, headache, digestive issues, vomiting, skin allergies, etc. This is only for external use, do not use it without consultation. The medicine is only for the benefit of reducing bacteria and not viruses. The pregnant woman is not recommended with the intake.

Uses of Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt Tablets

The benefits of use of the salt are mentioned below. Note that to have the best results kindly associate with the doctor and take the followup of precautions.

  • It benefits against the reduction of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 
  • The medicine reduces the effects of bacterial infections.
  • It supports the killing of the bacteria in the eyes, ears, and nose.
  • It responds to the reduction of urinary tract infections.
  • It benefits in the killing of respiratory tract infections.
  • The aid provides a covering layer on the skin and generates immune strength.

Precautions with Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt Tablets

There are some precautions which if followed may benefit all with the premium benefit and offering suitable results at the hour too.

  • Take the dose at fixed times.
  • Terry to avoid the use of alcohol with the use of the tablets.
  • Maintains a healthy diet with the consultation.
  • It is important to complete the course of these antibiotics.
  • The tablets are only for external use.
  • The aid is not recommended for the intake of pregnant women.
  • This does not belong to the pediatric range, hence avoid offering it to the children.

Side Effects of Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt Tablets

There are some after-effects of the dose which may occur if precautions are not followed strictly.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive issues

Note- Keep the Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt Tables in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Storage- Keep the Amoxycillin, and Clavulanic Acid Salt Tablest in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.