Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

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COMPOSITION:  Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

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Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension- is very effective in treating bronchial asthma. Because this medication is in the form of Suspension which is why it can be easily administrated in the children’s bodies with the help of water if they are suffering from asthma-like medical conditions. This medication reduces the thickness of mucus and provides easy breathing. This medication is very helpful in dealing with respiratory problems especially if you are suffering from breathing due to thick mucus in your chest or throat.

This medication’s main chemical composition is Acebrophylline which is a chemical and administrating such a chemical can affect your body in some other ways. That is why this medication must only be started after you get a proper prescription from a doctor. If your child is suffering from breathing problems because of mucus then you can use this medication because of its effectiveness and easier route to administrate.

Mechanisms of Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

A suspension form of the drug is generally given to the children by mixing it with water. This medication is very effective in treating respiratory problems caused by mucus. This chemical composition reduces the thickness of this mucus so that you can breathe easily. Generally, there are some enzymes and chemicals in the body that cause medical problems like these. This medication inhibits those enzymes and chemicals.

Generally, it inhibits intracellular phosphodiesterase, phosphatidylcholine, TNF-alpha, and leukotrienes. By doing these inhibitions this chemical composition stops the secretion of mucus in the body. This helps smoothen the muscle to reduce the friction between the mucus and the muscle’s surface with that, it also reduces the viscosity of the mucus and provides relief from different symptoms of bronchial asthma.

Benefits of Using Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

This medication falls in the category of bronchodilator which is very helpful in dealing with bronchial asthma. bronchial asthma is a medical problem, and children generally suffer from this kind of problem. To treat or to get relief from the symptoms of respiratory problems caused by thick mucus, you can bet on this Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension. These are some of the benefits that you can get from this medication.

  1. Easier route of administration so that the child can easily take this drug.
  2. This Suspension treats bronchial asthma.
  3. Reduces the thickness of mucus so that you can breathe easily.
  4. This medication inhibits intracellular phosphodiesterase, phosphatidylcholine, TNF-alpha, and leukotrienes by doing that it stops the secretion of mucus.
  5. It reduces the viscosity of mucus.

Side Effects of Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

This medication is formulated by using a chemical composition. This chemical composition maintains certain drug concentrations in the body which shows therapeutic effects in the body. But sometimes this concentration may increase in the body which can cause some alter effects other than that this chemical composition inhibits enzymes if this medication inhibits certain useful enzymes in the body, this may cause some side effects. These are some of the side effects of Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension.

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach discomfort

Direction for Using Acebrophylline 50 mg Suspension

Any medication must be started if it is properly prescribed by a doctor especially if the drug is based on chemical formulation. These are some advice by following these you can enjoy the full effectiveness of this medicine while limiting its side effects to a minimum.

  1. Drug-to-drug interaction is common because drugs are made of chemicals and chemicals can interact with each other. So, ask your doctor if you are giving your child any other medication before starting this.
  2. To maintain the right drug concentration, take it timely with altering the doses.
  3. Keep this drug in a cool, dry, and dark place.